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London Sydney The last adventure

London Sydney

The first ever London to Sydney Marathon was organised in 1968. 

The original event was won by Andrew Cowan, Colin Malkin and Brian Coyle, driving a Hillman Hunter. Fifty-six cars finished whilst 92 cars started in London. An organising committee was established to create a suitably challenging but navigable route. The team plotted a 7,000-mile (11.200) course covering eleven countries in as many days. Than the teams had to drive day and night fighting the elements gruweling roads and fatique.
This time we will allow the competitors to concor the 16.000 kilometer route passing through 11 countries a more comfortable 45 days to complete this epic journey.
The first leg of the route to Perth and Sydney wil stop in Calcutta for the crossing to Perth. Given the present international political situation, It is our intention to continue overland to Calcutta, just like the original route from 1968. The second option of route is the Northern version through Russia, Kazachstan to India and board for Perth in Calcutta.

This all depends on the political situation the world will be in!

To register for the event which is by invitation, download the entry form requiring an invitation to participate in this epic event.. 

In the last twenty years the very experienced organising team organised rallys like:

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Wings Wheel and Goggles and others.

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