London - Sydney Marathon 2021 | Rally Information

London - Sydney Marathon 2021 Reliving the greatest rally adventure, making new memories

In 2021, 53 years after the original marathon, Classic Events will take you on a drive around the globe bringing home a bag full of life time memories. Crossing 3 continents driving the most extraordinary roads with views you will never forget.
The first ever London to Sydney Marathon was organized in 1968. This event was won by Andrew Cowan, Colin Malkin and Brian Coyle, driving a Hillman Hunter. 

Fifty-six cars finished whilst 92 cars started in London. An organizing committee was established to create a suitably challenging but navigable route. The team plotted an 11.200 km course covering eleven countries in as many days. Then the teams had to drive day and night fighting the elements grueling roads and fatigue.
Edition 2021
This time we will allow the competitors to concur the 16.000 kilometer route passing through 15 countries a more comfortable 45 days to complete this epic journey.

The first part of the route to Sydney will finish in Calcutta for the crossing to Perth. We will drive to Calcutta by a northern route with a huge diversity of scenery. Through the forests of Slovakia, the desolate deserts of Kazachstan and over the impressive mountains of the Himalaya.
The second part of the rally will bring you across Australia following the original route passing several beaches on the south part of the continent.
What can you expect?
  • Start - London October 16th 2021
  • Finish - Sydney November 28th 2021 (approximately)
  • Cars - Classic cars build before 1976 
  • Length - 16.000 km
  • Navigation - type Basic map reading & tulips
  • Competition - Regularity’s, driving tests and marathon legs
What type of car is eligible?
There will be two categories; Vintage cars of a type in production before the end of 1948, and Classic cars of a type in production before the end of 1976. Whichever type you decide to bring is completely free. However, it should be safe and reliable, have a fuel range of at least 500 km, and be fitted with an accurate tripmeter. 
Do I need a competition license?
You do not need competition licenses, helmets or fireproof overalls. This is not a speed event but a road rally, run within normal traffic rules.  Above all the event is intended to be friendly and fun; with time to socialize with your fellow participants and enjoy the scenery and other attractions en-route.
What kind of event is it? 
We will be driving 3 or 4 regularities per day (area permitting) and an occasional driving test. There will be also a few marathon legs included where the teams will drive a longer distance and using campsites available.
What will the road conditions be like?
Very diverse.
The roads in Europe are familiar, pretty good asphalt and some challenging dirt roads. As we drive  further to the East part of the route the asphalt will slowly disappear and the we will drive mainly on dirt roads. However, the route is set with the intention not to destroy your cars.
What will the weather conditions be like?
October means fall in London. From there on we will come across all seasons to finish beginning ofsummer in Sydney. So bring both your shorts and warm sweaters.
How is the transport organized?
The transport of the cars will be done by boat from Dover to Calais, from Calcutta to Perth and from Sydney to Amsterdam. The teams will fly from Calcutta to Perth and from Sydney back to Amsterdam. All these transport are included in the entry fee. Other destinations are available on request.
What else does the entry fee include? 
A once in a life time experience. You are guaranteed 45 days of wonderful driving roads. The Route Book will provide all you need to complete the route. Accommodation and most meals are included, from the Welcome Dinner the evening before the start to the Prize Giving Dinner at the finish. Our aim is to have a service truck which will follow the rally with space for essential parts for your car. This truck will be manned with trained engineers to support you with any repairs. A team of marshals will tag along to ensure the most smiles per mile. Not included in the entry fee is fuel, vehicle insurance and car shipping to the start.
Entry fee 
A deposit of €2.500 will secure your entry on the event. A balance of €47.400 is then payable before 1 June 2020.  Please contact the Rally Office for more information.


To register for the event which is by invitation, download the entry form requiring an invitation to participate in this epic event. 

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